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Our Major Premise

Our purpose is to EDUCATE and SERVE as many FAMILIES as possible, enabling them to achieve Life Span Family Wellness through natural chiropractic care.  It is important that each patient understand both the objective and method that will be used to fulfill this purpose.  This prevents any confusion or disappointment.

Modern scientific research tells us that an optimally functioning spine and nervous system equals optimal health, and provides for a lifetime of wellness.  Unfortunately, a condition in the spine, known as vertebral subluxation, can prevent you and your family from achieving optimal health.

Vertebral subluxation is the name given to misalignments of the spine that interfere with normal function of the nervous system.  The misalignments, or subluxations of spinal vertebrae, cause endangering stress to the spinal cord and spinal nerves, which act as the control system for the whole body.  Subluxations are often due to poor sleeping habits, poor posture, strenuous exercise, injuries from poor work conditions, automobile accidents, sports, slips and falls, and even the birth process itself. (for the mom and the baby.)  That is why it is our policy to check each person in the family, to create a record for the detection of vertebral subluxation.

If, during the course of a chiropractic spinal examination, we encounter non-chiropractic or unusual findings, we will advise you.  If you desire advice, diagnosis, or treatment for those findings, we recommend that you seek the services of a health care provider who specializes in that area.  Our only practice objective is to eliminate the major interference to the normal function of your body.   We use a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques to correct vertebral subluxation.

In order to determine if chiropractic care can help you and your family, we must first find out if you have subluxations.  Your first visit, which includes a consultation and examination, is designed for this purpose.

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Our Highest Calling


We believe that the highest calling of any doctor’s office is to work with patients (and the community), and inspire everyone to live a life which actually PREVENTS the conditions that are being addressed in the office. Doctors of Dentistry, for example, work tirelessly, teaching entire families how to brush and floss, thus raising up everyone’s awareness of “oral hygiene.”

With that said, our purpose, over many years, has been to educate and serve as many families as possible, empowering them to achieve Life Span Family Wellness through natural Chiropractic care. Our continual focus on Wellness (rather than only the treatment of conditions), has allowed us to partner with an incredibly innovative Medical Doctor, Wayne Scott Andersen. After graduating first in his class in Medical School, he practiced as only the 10th Board Certified Physician in Critical Care, and served as the Chief of entire hospital divisions. He realized, as we have, that if people could somehow be Empowered (rather than passively receive treatment) to learn how to create Life Long Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time.

Many of the core components of this Habits of Health Health Coaching System have been extensively researched by prestigious organizations, such as the NIH and Johns Hopkins University, and have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors (of all specialties) since 1980.

Our Health Coaching process is available to our patients, and the whole community.

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