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STRESS, both Physical, Chemical, and Emotional, have been identified as the primary cause of spinal subluxation and nervous system interference. Although most children are spared the Emotional Stresses that adults face, Physical and Chemical Stresses are abundant throughout childhood.

The birth process itself, which has been shown to produce nearly 100 pounds of pressure on the baby’s neck, begins the stresses in our lives. Vacuum, forceps and Cesarian section dramatically INCREASE the traumatic forces! Then, in their first year of life, the National Safety Council tells us that nearly 50% of all children fall from a high place like a crib, bed, or changing table. Add sports, backpacks, and playground perils, and children 0-17, suffer more spinal traumas than do adults 18-88!

The chemical stresses of childhood are ever-present as well. From pollution, food additives and processed sugars to second-hand smoke, antibiotics and vaccinations, our little ones are bombarded with neurological, digestive and immune system toxins.

This physical and chemical nervous system assault always is met with a response from the body. The innate protective mechanisms kick in when the body is under stress. Muscles go into spasm around the base of the head and restrict fluid drainage, digestion slows down, breathing gets restricted, the immune system is depleted and the brain’s chemical balance is altered.

Medical doctors and parents recognize and label these natural responses as ear infections, colic and constipation, asthma, allergies, and behavior challenges like ADD/ADHD and autism. Traditionally, the children are then medicated, heavily most often, and sent on their way. This method of adding additional toxic chemicals, while altering the symptoms sometimes, ALWAYS causes negative side effects.

Through clinical and scientific research, chiropractic has been shown to help children with all of these conditions, and more. While the Chiropractic Adjustment is not a treatment for any of these conditions, per se, all of these children CAN achieve higher levels of function and wellness.

Our office has helped many children reduce or eliminate the need for ANY MEDICATION! They are DRUG-FREE and HEALTHIER THAN EVER! Ear infections are gone, colicky babies are sleeping better and having more regular bowel movements, children’s pediatricians are documenting increased breathing capacity, environmental allergens are less irritating, and those with learning and behavior challenges are becoming more functional.

An ounce of prevention: Nearly 1/2 of the children we serve are totally free of all symptoms or diseases. Their parents, though, have made a commitment to KEEP THEIR CHILDREN HEALTHY! Due to the overwhelming physical and chemical stresses, children’s nervous systems and spines need to be cared for and maintained throughout their entire life span.

With the expertise of his Fellowship of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. Stofman is able to serve through this truly family practice, where nearly 40% of his patients are UNDER 15 YEARS OLD!

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