Although childhood vaccination is not a chiropractic issue, doctors of chiropractic have, for over a century, stood for the principle of “Freedom of Choice” and true “Informed Consent” in health care.

We encourage all parents to educate themselves on the actual risks of the diseases, the benefits in naturally fighting off the infection, and the known risks of the vaccine itself. The one issue that none of us can truly consider, however, is the unknown risks of the vaccine.

Neurological and immune complications from vaccines continue to be discovered. Vaccine ingredients like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde are being injected with the viruses directly into the child without the benefit of the respiratory and digestive systems’ filters. The ramifications of bypassing the body’s normal defenses in such a manner needs to be considered by every parent.

YOU ARE PROTECTED BY LAW IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE. The New Jersey law which “mandates” childhood vaccination contains both medical and religious exemptions. If your deeply held beliefs would be violated by the compulsory vaccination of your child, you may legally opt out. No public school or institution may restrict access based on your religious beliefs. It would be unconstitutional to do so. Click here to see a sample letter which can be submitted to your school’s administration. They are legally bound to let your child in.

For your information, private schools and institutions are not bound by this law. They may, if they so wish, keep your child out. However, many private institutions, when made aware of the state exemption, may reconsider.

INFORMED NON-CONSENT has become so widespread that the American Academy of Pediatrics actually has a form which your pediatrician can have you sign. This documents that he/she has recommended the vaccination, and you have respectfully declined. This protects them from future liability. It’s only fair. YOU, THE PARENT, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH, ANYWAY.

The AAP form which you may be asked to sign is #HE0342. It states that if you don’t vaccinate, your child may contract the illness the vaccine should (emphasis mine) prevent, transmit the disease to others, and may bring about the need for your child to stay out of daycare or school, should there be an outbreak.

Guess what: even if you DO vaccinate, your child may contract the illness, transmit the disease to others, and stay home from school during an outbreak! Furthermore, receiving some vaccines, like the live polio and nasal flu vaccines, actually make the child MORE likely to transmit the disease to those who are immune-compromised.

For more information please visit the web site of the National Vaccine Information Center, or call 1-800-909-SHOT.

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